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Mission:   To oversee the implementation of public policy as determined by elected officials. This involves operational support to all County departments as well as coordination with federal and state agencies and local organizations. 

Summary:  This department coordinates the efforts of the entire organization by implementing the directives and policies of the Board of County Commissioners. It is responsible for providing administrative and clerical support to the Board, coordinating department activities, managing the organization's finances, administering personnel services, and providing legal assistance. This department also works closely with federal, state and local agencies and serves as a liaison between the County and the citizens.


 Service Area   Phone   email   Website    
Budget Management   336.318.6301       Finance
Clerk to the Board            336.318.6301
County Management   336.318.6301   County Manager
County Commissioners    
Finance   336.318.6611       Finance   
Human Resources   336.318.6600   Human Resources
Legal   336.318.6603        
Safety, and Training   336.318.6619