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To develop and administer a comprehensive and strategic planning program designed to maintain quality and sustainable growth within Randolph County.

The administration and legal enforcement of land use is managed along with related development regulations. Planning issue analysis and related staff support is provided to the Board of Commissioners, the Planning Board, and related committees and organizations on public matters involving physical and strategic growth in Randolph County.

Randolph County Planning and Zoning Board and Zoning Board of Adjustment Information

The Planning Board usually meets on the first Tuesday following the first Monday of each month at 6:30pm. The meetings are held at the 1909 Randolph County Historic Courthouse Meeting Room, 145-C Worth Street, Asheboro, NC 27203, unless otherwise posted.

The Zoning Board of Adjustment meets as needed and is announced on the Randolph County Homepage.




Planning & Zoning Contacts

Planing & Zoning Director
Jay Dale   email
Planning Systems Coordinator
Kim Heinzer   email
Permitting & Zoning Map Inquires
Property Development Technician
Melissa Burkhart   
Property Development Technician
Debbie Thompson   email
Property Development Technician
Donna Bryant  
Addressing Inquiries  
GIS Planner
Tim Mangum   
Code Enforcement    
Deputy Zoning Administrator
 Eric Martin   email
Code Enforcement Officer
Clint McNeill    email

Code Enforcement Officer




Growth Management Plan

Growth Management Plan 

The Randolph County Growth Management Plan:

  • serves as a long-range guide for public policy decisions concerning the overall growth and development of the Randolph County community
  • focuses on the physical growth and development of Randolph County

 It is the intent of the Board of County Commissioners by establishing this Growth Management Plan to: 

  1. Recognize that sustainable economic growth, environmental protection, and rural quality of life can be pursued together as mutually supporting public policy goals;
  2. Recognize that growth management policies should afford flexibility to County boards and agencies that will enable them to adapt to the practical requirements often necessary for rural development; 
  3. Ensure the opportunity for landowners to achieve the highest and best uses of their land that are consistent with growth management policies in order to protect the economic viability of the County’s citizens and tax base; 
  4. Consider the costs as well as the benefits of growth management policies in order to preserve affordability for citizens real estate and housing needs; and 
  5. Recognize and respect constitutionally protected private property rights in the interpretation of all policies and to achieve community goals such as open space preservation through incentives to landowners in voluntary programs that recognize consumer demand. 

The Randolph County Growth Management plan was adopted February 4, 2002 and updated July 6, 2009. 

 Download/View the Growth Management Plan * PDF 

 *The Growth Management Plan opens in Adobe® Acrobat format, which requires Acrobat Reader. (Click here to download from  



Land Development


The following is a general outline and guide to land use planning and development in Randolph County. It should be helpful to a citizen as a quick reference and summary of County development standards and policies.

For more information a citizen should contact the Randolph County Department of Planning and Zoning, Randolph County Central Permit Building, 204 East Academy St., P O Box 771, Asheboro, NC 27204, 336.318.6555, or the appropriate agency as listed in this guide.

Click to download / view the entire Citizens Guide  PDF* (Size: under 250 kilobytes.)



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