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Multi-Jurisdictional Hazard Mitigation Plan 

The Randolph County Multi-Jurisdictional Hazard Mitigation Plan was developed in collaboration with Randolph County Planning Department, Department of Emergency Management, Public Works, Representatives from the Cities of Archdale, Asheboro , Randleman, and Trinity, and the towns of Franklinville, Liberty , Ramseur, Staley and Seagrove. The plan was formally approved by participating local governments in August 2004. The plan is updated every  5 years. 

The working group meetings were open to the general public. Phase I, which included the hazard profile, vulnerability assessment and assessment of local capability, was distributed to all town/city halls, county office building, and public libraries for public review. The first public meeting was held to discuss and review the Phase I document as the findings set the foundation for developing mitigation strategies which would address the unique hazards, concerns of the County and municipal jurisdictions.  

PHASE I of the multi-jurisdictional hazard mitigation plan included identifying and profiling hazards impacting Randolph County and all municipal jurisdictions, determining the likelihood of occurrence, and expected level of impact [See Appendix A]. The hazard profile provides a comprehensive look at nine natural hazards and when possible, analyzes information pertaining to all natural hazard events which took place in Randolph County and its municipalities over the last fifty years. 

Through the vulnerability assessment, the geography of the county and municipalities was considered in determining which areas are more vulnerable to specific natural hazards or if the natural hazard had an equal chance of occurring throughout the entire county. Vulnerable populations, growth management designations, population growth trends and locations of past hazards were analyzed to determine priority areas for development of mitigation strategies [See Appendix B]. 

Finally, the Section on Local Government Capability assesses and evaluates the legal authority, and local capability to carry out mitigation activities. [Appendix C] 

Phase II of the plan development included establishing values and choosing goal statements, choosing strategies appropriate to each jurisdictions situation, and detailing how the plan will be implement, monitoring, evaluated, reviewed and updated if necessary.  

Organization of Document:

Section I of the plan describes the planning process, the participants, and the purpose of the plan. Further, it outlines key findings in the analysis of the hazard profile and vulnerability assessment. These findings provided the basis for choosing mitigation strategies specific to the County and each municipality. 

The core of the plan is contained in Section II Hazard Mitigation Strategies, which outlines the consensus goals developed by the county and the municipalities and the strategies that will be implemented by the County and each municipality to reduce or eliminate exposure to natural hazards. Strategies were developed for each municipality based on geographic hazards within their jurisdiction, vulnerability, and local capability. The comprehensive assessment conducted in Phase I provided that information. 

Section II of the plan includes ten subsections the County and the nine municipalities and describes the objectives and strategies for each individual jurisdiction. Many of the strategies that are to be adopted and implemented for unincorporated Randolph County will cover each jurisdiction also. 

Each subsection will: 

  1. Identify the jurisdiction 
  2. Briefly describe the major concerns for the jurisdiction 
  3. Identify mitigation objectives and strategies 
  4. Describe implementation 
  5. Describe the Monitoring, evaluating and reporting process, and 
  6. Include a provision to allow for revisions and updates within individual jurisdictions so long as such revisions and updates do not affect any other jurisdiction  

We welcome your questions or comments and can be reached by contacting the Randolph County Planning Department, at 336.318.6555, fax 336.318.6550, email at  


Download the Multi-Jurisdictional Hazard Mitigation Plan (approx 16 megabytes in size).*  

*The Hazard Mitigation Plan opens in Adobe® Acrobat format, which requires Acrobat Reader.  Visit Adobe website at  to download current version.


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