Planning & Zoning Board

The Randolph County Planning Board meets on the first Tuesday (following the First Monday) of the month at 6:30 p.m. for regular business meetings and zoning hearings. The meetings are held at the 1909 Randolph County Historic Courthouse Meeting Room, 145-C Worth Street, Asheboro, NC 27203, unless otherwise posted. (Driving Directions

The meetings are open to the public and citizens are encouraged to attend.


Members may serve unlimited terms, length of term is 3 years.

Mr. Reid Pell, Chair         Mr. Wayne Joyce,  Vice-Chair        Mr. John Cable 
Mr. Kemp Davis   Mr. Keith Slusher   Mr. Chris McLeod
Mr. Ralph Modlin     Mr. Michael Koehler  


Planning & Zoning

Current Zoning Board of Adjustment Agenda

Current Planning Board Agenda

Planning Board Minutes open in Adobe Acrobat format and requires Acrobat Reader.  Visit Adobe's website at to download.  
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Collection-Gif3259Collection1True{defaultview}False2007002/16/2017 12:07:48 PM
Collection-Gif3247Collection1True{defaultview}False2008019601152/16/2017 12:06:35 PM
Collection-Gif1735Collection1True{defaultview}False200907494638/25/2015 1:52:32 PM
Collection-Gif1724Collection1True{defaultview}False201008410785/24/2017 5:04:47 PM
Collection-Gif1679Collection1True{defaultview}False201107387875/24/2017 4:59:39 PM
Collection-Gif1680Collection1True{defaultview}False201203182245/18/2015 4:31:11 PM
Collection-Gif1678Collection1True{defaultview}False2013028108708/25/2015 1:32:09 PM
Collection-Gif1677Collection1True{defaultview}False2014058235/18/2015 2:02:07 PM
Collection-Gif1676Collection1True{defaultview}False2015020561348/5/2016 3:55:52 PM
Collection-Gif2910Collection1True{defaultview}False2016052915764/26/2017 1:16:09 PM
Collection-Gif3246Collection1True{defaultview}False20170181631932/26/2018 3:51:23 PM
Collection-Gif4241Collection1True{defaultview}False2018021966757/13/2018 10:55:23 AM
Collection-Gif3352Collection1True{defaultview}FalseZoning Board of Adjustment059259797/13/2018 10:57:22 AM