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Preliminary Plat/Subdivision Application
Review and Approval Process For Major Subdivisions

A major subdivision is defined as a division of property into  more than three lots created for purposes of sale or building development.  In most instances, a Major Subdivision will require rezoning into a classification other than Residential Agricultural (RA).  Randolph County Growth Management policies require that County Planning staff maintain a formal review process for Major Subdivision proposals.  The following is a list of the submittal and review process: .

  1. Complete the Preliminary Plat/Subdivision Application and return to the Planning Department with all information contained on the application form (ex. deed restrictions, maintenance agreements, permission from property owner, etc.). 
  2. In-office review of the application packet by the Planner and Planning Information Specialist. 
  3. Technical Review Committee meets and provides recommendations to developer who may or may not follow these recommendations.
  4. Planning staff will meet the developer and surveyor on the site. The required and/or recommended changes from the Technical Review Committee are reviewed. The developer is then notified of the cut-off for the revised plat and application fee payment. 
  5. New plat and Application for Property Rezoning, along with fee, is submitted in the Planning Department.
  6. The Neighborhood Information Meeting for the request will be scheduled. 
  7. The Technical Review Committee reviews comments and recommendations made during the Neighborhood Information Meeting. The Planner will provide additional recommendations to the developer and/or their representative based on Technical Review Committee review.
  8. The Planning Board Public Hearing (Final authority on rezoning unless appealed to County Commissioners). 

If you have questions about this process please call Tim Mangum, Planning Information Specialist, at 318-6552.  

Download/view the Preliminary Plat / Subdivision Application*


*The Preliminary Plat/Subdivisions Application opens in Adobe® Acrobat format, which requires Acrobat Reader.  Visit Adobe website at  to download current version.


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