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  Latest Randolph County COVID-19 briefing 



Remember the 3 WS!

Wear a cloth face covering

a cloth face covering 

Wait 6 feet apart

6 feet apart. Avoid close contact.

Wash your hands

your hands or use hand sanitizer.





On March 4, 2020, Randolph County Public Health opened an Emergency Operations Center (EOC) in response to the current situation, including a Coronovirus Hotline: 336.318.6227.
The EOC will remain operational until the risk of a COVID-19 outbreak subsides.

March 16, 2020 - Declaration of a Local State of Emergency

Notice of Dental Services Changes - (Notificación de cambios en los servicios dentales vigentes) 

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Press Releases & PSAs

Press Release

8-24-20 Colleges and Universites

8-24-20 Colleges and Universities Spanish

7-22-20 Randolph County Schools Graduation

7-17-20 Randolph County COVID-19 - Cross Road Baptist Church Cluster 

6-24-20 Long-term Care Facility Outbreak

6-4-20 Updated COVID-19

6-1-20 Updated COVID-19

6-1-20 Updated COVID-19 Spanish

5-9-20 Updated COVID-19

5-9-Updated COVID-19 Spanish

5-6-20 Updated COVID-19

5-6-20 Updated COVID-19 Spanish

5-4-20 Updated COVID-19

5-4-20 Updated COVID-19 Spanish

4-28-20 Updated COVID-19

4-28-20 Updated COVID-19 Spanish

4-25-20 Updated COVID-19

4-25-20 Updated COVID-19 Spanish

4-7-20 Updated COVID-19

4-7-20 Update COVID-19 Spanish

4-3-20 Update COVID-19

4-3-20 Update COVID-19 Spanish

3-30-20 Update COVID-19

3-30-20 Update COVID-19 Spanish

3-27-20 PM Update COVID-19

3-27-20 Update COVID-19 Spanish

3-27-20 Update COVID-19

3-26-20 Update COVID-19

3-24-20 Third Randolph County COVID-19 Case

3-23-20 Second Randolph County COVID-19 Case

3-23-20 PSA Randolph County COVID-19 Case


Video PSAs from

NCDHHS Secretary Mandy Cohen on practicing the 3 Ws

Reaching historically marginalized populations about reducing risks for COVID-19

COVID-19 support