Clinic - Medical

Medical Clinic

Please call 336-318-6882 for questions or to make an appointment. 


     Breast and Cervical Cancer Screening     

     Communicable Disease Investigation

     Family Planning

     Immunizations / Vaccinations

     STD and HIV Testing


Reportable Diseases include:


AIDS Monkeypox  
Anthrax Mumps
Botulism NGU (other than lab-confirmed chlamydia)
Brucellosis Pelvic inflammatory disease
Campylobacter Plague
Cholera Polio
Chlamydia Psittacosis
Cryptosporidiosis Q fever
Cyclosporiasis Rabies (human)
Dengue Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever
Diptheria Rubella
E-coli shiga toxin-producing infection Salmonellosis
Ebola (Viral hemorrhagic fever)el Virus del Ebola SARS
Ehrlichiosis Shigellosis
Encephalitis (arboviral) Smallpox
Foodborne disease Staph Aureus reduced susceptibility to vancomycin
Gonorrhea Streptococcal infection; group A, invasive disease
Hantavirus Syphilis
Hemolytic uremic syndrome TB (Tuberculosis)
Hemophilus influenza invasive disease Tetanus
Hepatitis A Toxic Shock Syndrome
Hepatitis B Toxoplasmosis (congenital)
Hepatitis C, acute Transmissible Spongiform Encephalopathies (CJD/vCJD)
HIV Trichinosis
Influenza death (< 18 year old) Typhoid
Legionellosis Typhus
Leprosy Tularemia
Leptospirosis Vaccinia
Listeriosis Vibrio Illness
Lyme disease Yellow Fever
Lymphogranuloma Venereum Whooping Cough (Pertussis)
Malaria  Zika
Meningitis, pneumococcal  
Meningococcal disease