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Public Health Contact and Appointment Information

Main Number: 336.318.6200
Administration:  336.318.6200
Animal Control: 336.683.8235
Dental Health: 336.318.6220
Environmental Health: 336.318.6262
Health Education: 336.318.6196
Vital Records: 336.318.6192
WIC / Nutrition: 336.318.6171
Fax (Administration):  336.318.6234
Fax (Environmental): 336.318.6265 
Fax (Nursing): 336.318.6241
All Health Department clinic services are by appointment. 
Please call numbers below to make an appointment.
Family Planning 336.318.6882
Pregnancy Test 336.318.6882
Immunizations 336.318.6882
STD/HIV Testing 336.318.6882
TB Test/Screening 336.318.6882
Labwork 336.318.6882

Please bring the following to all appointments:

  • Proof of most recent income information
  • Insurance, Medicaid, Medicare card(s)
  • Identification
  • Proof of your current address (bank statement, utility bill, etc.) 
  • We accept credit and debit (NOT ATM) cards.

Transportation Problems?

RCATS is a transportation service for county residents to travel to their doctor appointments.

Give them a call at least 3 days before your appointment at 336-629-7433.

Click here for more information! RCATS