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The Randolph County Sheriff’s Office has installed a drop box designed for prescription pills in the first floor elevator entrance at the Sheriff’s Office.

The drop box was obtained by the Randolph County Sheriff’s Office and provided by the National Association of Drug Diversion Investigators. The box is designed for people to drop off their expired and/or no longer needed medication. According to recent statistics, more than seven million Americans currently abuse prescription drugs. 

Each day, approximately 2,500 teenagers use prescription drugs to get high for the first time. This new drop box gives people the ability and opportunity to properly and safely dispose of their prescription drugs and assure that they do not get in the wrong hands.

The Randolph County Sheriff’s office is located at 727 McDowell Rd. in Asheboro. The drop box itself is located in the entrance to the Sheriff’s Office, where the elevator is located. People can drop off their prescription drugs Monday - Friday 7am to 6pm. The prescription drugs can be dropped off with no questions asked and no paper work to fill out. The prescription drop box is for prescription drugs only. The Sheriff’s Office cannot allow any syringes or liquids to be dropped off in the drug drop box.