Divisions & Careers within the Sheriff's Office

The Randolph County Sheriff’s Office and Jail employs over 200 full time and part time personnel. We are constantly on the lookout for motivated, dedicated men and women who are interested in making Randolph County a safer place to live.

Administrative and Records Clerks

Administrative and records clerks perform a variety of computer entry and record keeping functions.  They answer phones, enter crime reports, order supplies as well as other filing and office duties.

Administration: 336.318.6676  |  Billing:  336.318.6676  |  Records:  336.318.6677


Bailiffs are sworn deputies who provide security for the courts and the Courthouse. They open and close court, provide security for prisoners on trial and keep order in the courtroom.

C.A.R.E. and D.A.R.E. Officers

C.A.R.E.and D.A.R.E. Officers are sworn deputies who teach prevention programs in county and city schools. They help teach prevention techniques against drugs, alcohol and child abuse.

Identification Specialists

Identification Specialists fingerprint, photograph and collect evidence at crime scenes. Their job is to collect and analyze evidence to be used against criminals at their trials.


InvestigatorsInvestigators follow up criminal complaints and investigate such crimes as murders, robberies, rapes and burglaries. They gather evidence against criminals, as well as interview witnesses, victims and suspects.

Investigations: 336.318.6682


Jailers book inmates at the Randolph County Jail. They also keep prisoners charged with crimes in a secure facility while they await trial. They also transport prisoners to and from the courthouse for court appearances.

Jail: 336.318.6625

School Resource Officers

School Resource Officers provide security for all High School and Middle Schools. They are there to keep order and to help students with other problems that they might encounter.

Uniform Deputies

Uniform Deputies
Uniform Deputies perform a variety of different duties for the citizens of Randolph County. Deputies are initial responders to crime reports and calls for assistance and serve a variety of criminal and civil papers. These papers may be for things such as collection of debts or taxes, child support or divorce. 

Vice and Narcotics Officers

Vice and Narcotics Officers conduct raids and seize illegal drugs, alcohol and other contraband.


For an application call 336.318.6670 (Capt. Derrick Hill) or 336-318-6781 (Lt. Kellie Cook), Mon-Fri 8am-5pm. You may also email Derrick.Hill@randolphcountync.gov or kellie.cook@randolphcountync.gov to have an application sent to you or you may come by the Sheriff's Office located at 727 McDowell Road Asheboro, NC.

Completed applications should be returned to Captain Derrick Hill or Lieutenant Kellie Cook at 727 McDowell Road, Asheboro, NC 27205.

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Basic Requirements
(others may apply)

  1. U.S. Citizen.
  2. 21 Years of Age
  3. Clean Criminal Record
  4. High School Diploma 
  5. Basic Law Enforcement Training (Only required for sworn law enforcement positions)

Randolph County Sheriff's Office
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