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Randolph County Cultural Heritage Sites

The designation of a local Cultural Heritage Site is a recognition program unique to the Randolph County Historic Landmark Preservation Commission. It is designed to increase public appreciation and awareness of the special heritage and history of Randolph County. Cultural Heritage Sites are locations of local significance. This can include sites and open spaces that are works of man or the combined works of nature and man, including parks and landscapes, locations of mills and bridges, and archaeological sites which are of local historic value to the local community. Cultural Heritage Sites can also include natural features, including geological and biological formations, which can form an irreplaceable part of the local environment. By regarding Cultural Heritage Sites as both man made and natural, this will remind us of the ways in which people interact with nature, and of the fundamental need to preserve the balance between the two. 

Cultural Heritage Sites are classified on this website under the following specific categories: Building, Structure, Object, Site, and Monuments.

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A “building,” is created principally to shelter any form of human activity. (i.e.: house, barn, hotel, church, school, theater, stable) 

Randolph County currently has 4 Building Sites

  1. Liberty Train Depot
    167 W Swannanoa Ave, Liberty, NC
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  2. Patterson Cottage Museum
    221 S Fayetteville St, Liberty, NC
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  3. Randolph High School
    805 S Kirkman St, Liberty, NC
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The term "structure" is used to distinguish from buildings constructions made usually for purposes other than creating human shelter (i.e.: tunnel, bridge, highway, silo)

Randolph County currently has 1 Structure Site

  1. Parkers Mill Bridge
    4850 Jackson Creek Rd, Denton, NC
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The term "object" is used to distinguish from buildings and structures those constructions that are primarily artistic in nature. Although it may be, by nature or design, movable, an object is associated with a specific setting or environment. (i.e.: sculpture, fountain, monument)

Randolph County currently has 5 Objects Sites

  1. Weights and Measures   Slideshow on YouTube
  2. Hornets Flag    Slideshow on YouTube 
  3. Belfry Bell   Slideshow on YouTube
  4. Kennedy Rocker    Slideshow on YouTube
  5. County Corporate Seal  Slideshow on YouTube


A site is the location of a significant event, a prehistoric or historic occupation or activity, or a building or structure, whether standing, ruined, or vanished, where the location itself possesses historic, cultural, or archeological value regardless of the value of any existing structure. (i.e.: geological and biological formations, archaeological, old mill or bridge locations)

Randolph County currently has 9 Sites

  1. Richland Lutheran Church & Cemetery
    7661 Richland Church Rd, Liberty, NC
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  2. Mill Creek Friends Meeting & Cemetery
    1871 Mill Creek Rd, Ramseur, NC
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  3. Raymond Cox Mill
    2227 Mill Creek Rd, Ramseur, NC
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  4. Harmon Cox Mill Site
    2648 NC Hwy 22S Ramseur, NC
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  5. Strieby Church Site
    5480 Strieby Church Rd, Asheboro, NC
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  6. Buffalo Ford
    On the Deep River at Hinshaw Town Road
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  7. Odd Fellows Cemetery
    Old Cedar Falls Road & Martin Luther King Jr. Drive, Asheboro, NC
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  8. Ridges Mountain Site
    Asheboro, NC
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  9. Searcy Ford/Ferry/Waddell's Ferry and Waddell Cemetery
    Bennett, NC
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Structures of an archeological nature, and/or private cemeteries at least 100 years old containing the graves of those who lived during the War of Regulation (1768-1771); the American Revolutionary War; and/or Civil War. Special note will be taken of those who were active participants in these historic events.

Randolph County currently has 3 Monument Sites

  1. Old Asheboro Cemetery
    W Salisbury St, Asheboro, NC
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  2. The Billy Trogdon Cemetery
    Pleasant Cross Rd, Asheboro, NC
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  3. McMasters Cemetery
    Soapstone Mtn Rd, Staley, NC
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