Central Permitting

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Randolph County operates a Central Permit Office at the Randolph County Central Permit Building, 204 East Academy St., Asheboro, (318-6555 main line; 318-6577 & 318-6578 front counter; 318-6553 zoning inquiries, & 318-6561 code enforcement) where all development permits or applications can be obtained.

 The types of permits that can be obtained through the Central Permit Office include zoning, building, electrical, plumbing, insulation, heating and air conditioning, well permits, septic system applications and other specialized zoning permits as required (ex. flood, special use, etc.).

The first permit required in Randolph County is the Zoning permit. Before commencing the construction, erection, addition to, or placement of any building or structure, or before installing a sign, this Zoning permit must be obtained.

Property Development Technicians will help you during each stage of the application process. To help in the application process you should know the complete name of the property owner, size of the tract or lot, name of any subdivision and road name.


Please review the Randolph County Citizen' Guide to Land Development pdf

Download / Review Completing Permit Applications pdf


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