Your Local County Government

County government plays an important role in the life of your family and community keeping records and vital statistics, managing courts and jails, building roads, providing a human-services safety net and overseeing many other programs.  

Randolph County has a commissioner / manager form of government. The County Commissioners meet on the first Monday of the month for regular business meetings and the third Monday of the month for zoning hearings.  These meetings are open to the public and citizens are encouraged to attend.

Policy Goals

  1. Providing a safe community for all Randolph County citizens
  2. Ensuring the health & welfare of all Randolph County citizens
  3. Improving  the standard of living for Randolph County citizens through educational opportunities & economic development
  4. Managing the County's growth & infrastructure development while protecting the environment
  5. Investing in electronic technology for the efficient accomplishment of County business
  6. Maintaining prompt, courteous & professional services from all County employees
  7. Ensuring the financial stability & legal protection of the County

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Service Areas


Budget at a Glance

  • Total Expenditures and Reserves for budget year 2018-2019
  • Cultural & Recreational 1.8%
  • Debt Service 10.5%
  • Economic & Physical Development 2.1% 
  • Education 32.1%
  • Environmental Protection 0.0%
  • General Government 11.3%
  • Human Services 12.5%
  • Interfund Transfers Out 5.3%
  • Public Safety 24.4%
  • County Tax Rate 65.25 ¢ (per $100 assessed evaluation)  
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County Statistics Coloring Sheet



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