Plan Review

The mission of the Plan Review area is to verify code compliance and identify code deficiencies prior to construction, by providing a timely and thorough plan review of commercial projects.

The Plan Review service area is responsible for reviewing construction drawings, organizing submitted drawings, and guiding applicants in this process. The County has one designated plan reviewer who works from the Asheboro office. This person reviews all commercial plans.

Residential plans (floor plans or blueprints) are not requited to be submitted. For non-conventional construction (log house, post and beam, etc.), the homeowner must hire an engineer to design the plans. All commercial plans must be approved. If the project is over 3,000 square feet in size or over $200,000 in value, the plans have to be sealed by an engineer or an architect. On certain large projects, the NC. Department of Insurance must also approve the plans. Plans must be approved before a building permit is issued.