Teen Court


Teen Court's mission is to hold youth accountable for their actions while teaching them about the court system, as well as providing them to rehabilitative measure(s) or sanctions.

Teen Court programs operate as community resources for the diversion of juveniles pursuant to statute (N.C. Gen. Stat. § 7B-1706. Teen Court is an alternative system of justice, which offers juvenile offenders an opportunity to take responsibility for their offenses through community service and other educational opportunities.

Teen Court is operated and ran by student volunteers acting as the jury, prosecution, defense, clerk of court and bailiff with the oversight of the Teen Court Case Manager. These programs saves hundreds of thousands of dollars in community expense and allows the juvenile court system to concentrate more time and energy on critical juvenile offenders.

Teen Court trainings are held throughout the year and is always taking applications for volunteers.

  1. Student Volunteers
  2. Adult Volunteers
  3. Defendants
  4. Parents
  • All Teen Court proceedings are conducted by trained youth volunteers
  • Teen Court of Randolph County uses the adult judge model
    • This means all volunteers are youth except the Judge
    • The jury is composed of youth volunteers as well as defendants
  • The jury decides the constructive sentence for youth
  • Volunteers will receive monthly trainings and mock trial practice
  • Teen Court can also count toward volunteer hours for school clubs

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