Classification & Pay Plans

Not all class specifications are available at this time.

Class Specifications

  1. 4H Program Assistant (PDF)
  2. 911 Assistant Communications Supervisor (PDF)
  3. 911 Communications Supervisor (PDF)
  4. 911 Shift Supervisor (PDF)
  5. Accounting Clerk IV (PDF)
  6. Accounting Specialist I (PDF)
  7. Accounting Specialist II (PDF)
  8. Accounting Technician I (PDF)
  9. Accounting Technician II (PDF)
  10. Addressing Coordinator (PDF)
  11. Administrative Assistant (PDF)
  12. Administrative Assistant Deputy Clerk to the Board (PDF)
  13. Administrative Officer I (PDF)
  14. Administrative Secretary II (PDF)
  15. Animal Control Officer (PDF)
  16. Animal Control Officer I (PDF)
  17. Animal Control Officer II (PDF)
  18. Animal Control Supervisor I (PDF)
  19. Animal Shelter Attendant (PDF)
  20. Application Development Manager (PDF)
  21. Assistant County Manager Finance Officer (PDF)
  22. Assistant Human Resources Director (PDF)
  23. Assistant Library Director (PDF)
  24. Assistant Register of Deeds (PDF)
  25. Assistant Tax Administrator (PDF)
  26. Assistant Tax Collector (PDF)
  27. Assistant Veterans Services Officer (PDF)
  28. Associate County Attorney (PDF)
  29. Attorney I (PDF)
  30. Benefits Coordinator (PDF)
  31. Building Codes Administrator (PDF)
  32. Business Analyst (PDF)
  33. Business Office Manager - Sheriff (PDF)
  34. Business Officer I (PDF)
  35. Case Manager (PDF)
  36. Chief Deputy Sheriff Major (PDF)
  37. Child Support Enforcement Agent (PDF)
  38. Child Support Enforcement Director (PDF)
  39. Chore Provider (PDF)
  40. Circulation Supervisor (PDF)
  41. Clerk to the Board Administrative Assistant To County Manager (PDF)
  42. Codes Enforcement Officer (PDF)
  43. Codes Enforcement Officer Plans Reviewer (PDF)
  44. Community Social Services Assistant (PDF)
  45. Community Social Services Technician (PDF)
  46. Computer Analyst I (PDF)
  47. Computer Analyst II (PDF)
  48. Computer Systems Administrator I (PDF)
  49. Computing Support Technician I (PDF)
  50. Computing Support Technician II (PDF)
  51. Coordinator Health Services (PDF)
  52. County Social Services Business Officer I (PDF)
  53. County Social Services Director (PDF)
  54. Criminal Justice Partnership Program Sentenced Pre-Trial Substance Abuse Counselor (PDF)
  55. Criminal Justice Pre-Trial Substance Abuse Counselor (PDF)
  56. Data Entry Operator I (PDF)
  57. Data Entry Operator II (PDF)
  58. Database Administrator Programmer (PDF)
  59. Day Reporting Center Executive Director (PDF)
  60. Debt Setoff Coordinator (PDF)
  61. Delinquent Accounts Technician (PDF)
  62. Dental Assistant (PDF)
  63. Dental Hygienist (PDF)
  64. Dental Hygienist II (PDF)
  65. Deputy Finance Officer (PDF)
  66. Deputy Register Deeds (PDF)
  67. Deputy Sheriff (PDF)
  68. Deputy Sheriff Captain (PDF)
  69. Deputy Sheriff Corporal (PDF)
  70. Deputy Sheriff Detective Sergeant (PDF)
  71. Deputy Sheriff Investigator Lieutenant (PDF)
  72. Deputy Sheriff Lieutenant (PDF)
  73. Deputy Sheriff Major (PDF)
  74. Deputy Sheriff Senior (PDF)
  75. Deputy Sheriff Sergeant (PDF)
  76. Deputy Sheriff Shift Commander (PDF)
  77. Deputy Tax Collector (PDF)
  78. Deputy Zoning Administrator (PDF)
  79. Document Imaging Specialist (PDF)
  80. DRC Program Director Adult (PDF)
  81. DRC Program Director Juvenile (PDF)
  82. Elections Director (PDF)
  83. Elections Program Specialist (PDF)
  84. Elections Systems Specialist (PDF)
  85. Emergency Management Planner (PDF)
  86. Emergency Medical Services Operations Officer (PDF)
  87. Emergency Medical Services Paramedic Crew Chief (PDF)
  88. Emergency Medical Services Paramedic Supervisor (PDF)
  89. Emergency Medical Technician Basic (PDF)
  90. Emergency Medical Technician Intermediate (PDF)
  91. Emergency Medical Technician Paramedic (PDF)
  92. Emergency Medical Technician Paramedic Field Training Officer (PDF)
  93. Emergency Services Deputy Director (PDF)
  94. Emergency Services Director (PDF)
  95. Emergency Services System Manager (PDF)
  96. Emergency Services System Specialist (PDF)
  97. Environmental Health Director (PDF)
  98. Environmental Health Specialist (PDF)
  99. Environmental Health Supervisor I (PDF)
  100. Environmental Health Technician (PDF)
  101. ES Training Coordinator (PDF)
  102. Every Child Ready To Read Coordinator (PDF)
  103. Executive Assistant I (PDF)
  104. Extension Secretary Receptionist (PDF)
  105. Extension Support Specialist (PDF)
  106. Finance Specialist (PDF)
  107. Finance Technician II (PDF)
  108. Finance Technician III (PDF)
  109. Finance Technician IV (PDF)
  110. Fire Marshal (PDF)
  111. Fire Safety Inspector (PDF)
  112. Foreign Language Interpreter (PDF)
  113. GIS Analyst Programmer (PDF)
  114. GIS Mapper (PDF)
  115. GIS Specialist (PDF)
  116. Grant Administrator Public Information Coordinator (PDF)
  117. Housekeeper (PDF)
  118. Housekeeper Floater (PDF)
  119. Housekeeper Foreman (PDF)
  120. Human Resources Coordinator (PDF)
  121. Human Resources Director (PDF)
  122. Human Resources Placement Specialist (PDF)
  123. Human Resources Technician (PDF)
  124. Human Services Coordinator I (PDF)
  125. Human Services Coordinator II (PDF)
  126. Human Services Coordinator III (PDF)
  127. Income Maintenance Administrator I (PDF)
  128. Income Maintenance Caseworker I (PDF)
  129. Income Maintenance Caseworker II (PDF)
  130. Income Maintenance Caseworker III (PDF)
  131. Income Maintenance Investigator I (PDF)
  132. Income Maintenance Investigator II (PDF)
  133. Income Maintenance Supervisor I (PDF)
  134. Income Maintenance Supervisor II (PDF)
  135. Income Maintenance Technician (PDF)
  136. Information Technology Director (PDF)
  137. Information Technology Support Technician (PDF)
  138. Infrastructure Services Manager (PDF)
  1. Infrastructure Services Specialist (PDF)
  2. Inspections Administrative Technician (PDF)
  3. Internal Auditor (PDF)
  4. Jail Administrator Major (PDF)
  5. Jail Cook (PDF)
  6. Jail Maintenance Supervisor (PDF)
  7. Jailer Captain (PDF)
  8. Jailer Cook (PDF)
  9. Jailer Cook Supervisor (PDF)
  10. Jailer Corporal (PDF)
  11. Jailer I (PDF)
  12. Jailer II (PDF)
  13. Jailer Lieutenant (PDF)
  14. Jailer Maintenance Technician (PDF)
  15. Jailer Sergeant (PDF)
  16. Land Records Supervisor (PDF)
  17. Land Records Transfer Specialist (PDF)
  18. Law Enforcement Clerk III (PDF)
  19. Law Enforcement Clerk IV (PDF)
  20. Lead Animal Control Officer (PDF)
  21. Lead Nutritionist (PDF)
  22. Librarian II (PDF)
  23. Librarian III (PDF)
  24. Librarian IV (PDF)
  25. Library Accounting Clerk (PDF)
  26. Library Assistant II (PDF)
  27. Library Assistant III (PDF)
  28. Library Director (PDF)
  29. Library Technician I (PDF)
  30. Library Technician II (PDF)
  31. Licensed Clinical Addiction Specialist (PDF)
  32. Local Health Director (PDF)
  33. Maintenance Foreman (PDF)
  34. Maintenance Supervisor (PDF)
  35. Maintenance Technician (PDF)
  36. Maintenance Worker (PDF)
  37. Management Information System Specialist (PDF)
  38. Medical Lab Technician I (PDF)
  39. Medical Lab Technician II (PDF)
  40. Medical Office Assistant (PDF)
  41. Network Administrator (PDF)
  42. Nutrition Program Supervisor (PDF)
  43. Nutritionist I (PDF)
  44. Nutritionist II (PDF)
  45. Office Assistant II (PDF)
  46. Office Assistant III (PDF)
  47. Office Assistant IV (PDF)
  48. Office Manager (PDF)
  49. Office Supervisor (PDF)
  50. Office Work Unit Supervisor IV (PDF)
  51. Office Work Unit Supervisor V (PDF)
  52. Parents As Teachers Coordinator (PDF)
  53. Payroll Specialist (PDF)
  54. Personal Property Appraisal Technician (PDF)
  55. Personal Property Appraiser (PDF)
  56. Personal Property Auditor (PDF)
  57. Personal Property Supervisor (PDF)
  58. Physician Extender I (PDF)
  59. Physician Extender II (PDF)
  60. Planning Information Specialist (PDF)
  61. Planning Systems Coordinator (PDF)
  62. Planning Zoning Director (PDF)
  63. Practical Nurse I (PDF)
  64. Practical Nurse II (PDF)
  65. Processing Assistant II (PDF)
  66. Processing Assistant III (PDF)
  67. Processing Assistant IV (PDF)
  68. Program Accountant (PDF)
  69. Program Supervisor (PDF)
  70. Project Manager Analyst (PDF)
  71. Property Development Specialist (PDF)
  72. Property Development Technician (PDF)
  73. Public Health Education Specialist (PDF)
  74. Public Health Educator I (PDF)
  75. Public Health Educator II (PDF)
  76. Public Health Nurse I (PDF)
  77. Public Health Nurse II (PDF)
  78. Public Health Nurse III (PDF)
  79. Public Health Nursing Supervisor I (PDF)
  80. Public Safety Specialist (PDF)
  81. Public Works Director (PDF)
  82. Public Works Engineer (PDF)
  83. Public Works Finance Technician (PDF)
  84. Purchasing Officer (PDF)
  85. Real Property Appraisal Technician (PDF)
  86. Real Property Appraiser I (PDF)
  87. Real Property Appraiser II (PDF)
  88. Real Property Appraiser III (PDF)
  89. Real Property Appraiser Supervisor (PDF)
  90. Register of Deeds (PDF)
  91. Risk Management Coordinator (PDF)
  92. Sales Analyst (PDF)
  93. Scalehouse Operator (PDF)
  94. Security Guard (PDF)
  95. Senior Codes Enforcement Officer (PDF)
  96. Senior Fire Safety Inspector (PDF)
  97. Sheriff (PDF)
  98. Sheriffs Office Administrative Assistant I (PDF)
  99. Sheriffs Office Administrative Assistant II (PDF)
  100. Sheriffs Office Human Services Coordinator (PDF)
  101. Sign Technician (PDF)
  102. Social Work Program Administrator I (PDF)
  103. Social Work Program Manager (PDF)
  104. Social Work Supervisor I (PDF)
  105. Social Work Supervisor II (PDF)
  106. Social Work Supervisor III (PDF)
  107. Social Worker I (PDF)
  108. Social Worker II (PDF)
  109. Social Worker III (PDF)
  110. Social Worker Investigative Assessment Treatment (PDF)
  111. Soil Water Administrator (PDF)
  112. Soil Water Engineer (PDF)
  113. Soil Water Environmental Specialist (PDF)
  114. Solid Waste Facility Manager (PDF)
  115. Special Projects Coordinator (PDF)
  116. Substance Abuse Worker (PDF)
  117. Tax Administrator (PDF)
  118. Tax Billing Clerk (PDF)
  119. Tax Cashier (PDF)
  120. Tax Data Entry Specialist (PDF)
  121. Tax Information Specialist (PDF)
  122. Tax Paralegal (PDF)
  123. Telecommunicator (PDF)
  124. Tourism Coordinator (PDF)
  125. Tourism Director (PDF)
  126. Tourism Director Spring Steed (PDF)
  127. Tourism Manager (PDF)
  128. Town Library Consultant (PDF)
  129. Transportation Aide Driver (PDF)
  130. Travel Information Counselor (PDF)
  131. Veterans Services Director (PDF)
  132. Visitor Center Manager (PDF)
  133. Volunteer Services Coordinator (PDF)
  134. Volunteer Services Director I (PDF)
  135. Web Developer (PDF)
  136. Wellness Coordinator (PDF)
  137. Zoning Codes Enforcement Officer (PDF)