Public Buildings

Mission:  The goal of the Department is to provide essential cleaning, repair, and maintenance for our County-owned facilities ensuring health and safety for Randolph County employees and the public.

Service Areas: Utilities, Janitorial, Maintenance

Department Summary by Service Area: 

Our Building Maintenance division is responsible for the daily maintenance of all County-owned facilities (approximately 60 buildings) to ensure a safe and efficient environment in which the public and County departments may conduct business. The department provides a broad range of services including HVAC, plumbing, electrical, groundskeeping, and minor structural repair.

Our Janitorial division strives to keep all facilities clean and free of hazardous situations that might cause accidents, using the most cost-effective materials available and by employing both contract cleaning services and County employees.

Road Signs
Randolph County's 911 named-road sign program is maintained by the Maintenance Department staff. Downed signs are identified for replacement or repair as quickly as possible. The road sign repair/replacement program works closely with Emergency Services and Central Permitting, which is responsible for county addressing, to ensure proper placement as efficiently as possible.

Report Damaged Road Sign

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Road Issues
To report any other road signs in need of repair/replacement or road maintenance issues, please get in touch with the NC Department of Transportation at 336-318-4050.