Helping Children Cope with Disaster

Be aware that after a disaster, children are most afraid that:

  • the Event Will Happen Again
  • Someone Will Be Injured or Killed
  • They Will Be Separated from the Family
  • They Will Be Left Alone

Children depend on daily routines.  In a disaster, they'll look to you and other adults for help.  How you react to an emergency gives them a clue on how to act.

Help them cope by:

  • Tell children what you know about the disaster.
  • Explain what will happen next.
  • Your children will realize that life will eventually return to normal. 
  • If a child does not respond to the above suggestions, seek help from a mental health specialist or a member of the clergy.
  • Plan to keep the family together, calmly and firmly explain the situation and encourage your children to talk!