Flood Insurance Study

(Includes the Surface Elevations of Streams in Randolph County )

A "Flood Insurance Study (FIS)" means an examination, evaluation, and determination of flood hazards, corresponding water surface elevations (if appropriate), flood hazard risk zones, and other flood data in a community issued by the Federal Emergency Management Agency. The Flood Insurance Study report includes Flood Insurance Rate Maps (FIRMs).

This Flood Insurance Study is a Report of Flood Hazards in Randolph County, NC., produced in four volumes by the Cooperative Partnership between the Federal Emergency Management Agency and the State of North Carolina. It is dated January 2, 2008. This study report includes floodway data for every stream studied in detail in Randolph County, including Base Flood Water-Surface Elevations.

This study should be especially helpful to Flood Insurance Study Users for properties located in Randolph County, including county agencies, surveyors, engineers, loan institutions, insurance companies, etc.

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