Growth Management Plan

The Randolph County Growth Management Plan:

  • Serves as a long-range guide for public policy decisions concerning the overall growth and development of the Randolph County community
  • Focuses on the physical growth and development of Randolph County

It is the intent of the Board of County Commissioners by establishing this Growth Management Plan to:

Recognize that sustainable economic growth, environmental protection, and rural quality of life can be pursued together as mutually supporting public policy goals;

  1. Recognize that growth management policies should afford flexibility to County boards and agencies that will enable them to adapt to the practical requirements often necessary for rural development;
  2. Ensure the opportunity for landowners to achieve the highest and best uses of their land that are consistent with growth management policies in order to protect the economic viability of the County's citizens and tax base;
  3. Consider the costs as well as the benefits of growth management policies in order to preserve affordability for citizens real estate and housing needs; and
  4. Recognize and respect constitutionally protected private property rights in the interpretation of all policies and to achieve community goals such as open space preservation through incentives to landowners in voluntary programs that recognize consumer demand.

The Randolph County Growth Management Plan was adopted February 4, 2002 and updated July 6, 2009.

Download/View the Growth Management Plan (PDF).

The Northeast Randolph County Growth Management Plan was adopted on October 26, 2023.

Download/View the Northeast Randolph County Growth Management Plan (PDF).

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