Hazard Mitigation Plan

The Davidson Randolph Regional Multi-Jurisdictional Hazard Mitigation Plan was developed in collaboration with Randolph County Governmental Agencies and Davidson County Governmental Agencies. The plan was formally approved by participating local governments in both Randolph County and Davidson County in June 2020. The plan is updated every 5 years.

Natural and man-made hazards, such as floods, hurricanes, and fires, are a part of the world around us. In some cases, their occurrence is natural and inevitable, and there is little we can do to control their force and intensity. In others, more power to control the intensity and probability but can never truly eliminate the threat entirely. In either case, we must consider these hazards to be legitimate and significant threats to human life, safety, and property.

While the threat from hazardous events may never be fully eliminated, there is much we can do to lessen their potential impact upon our community and our citizens. By minimizing the impacts of hazards upon our built environment, we can prevent such events from resulting in disasters. The concept and practice of reducing risks to people and property from known hazards is generally referred to as hazard mitigation. No changes in development impacted the jurisdictions overall vulnerability.

The purpose of the Plan is to:

  • Reduce risk to people, property, and the critical infrastructure;
  • Increase public awareness and education about the Plan and the planning process'
  • Maintain grant eligibility for participating jurisdictions; and
  • Maintain compliance with State and federal legislative requirements for local hazard mitigation plans.

The Plan contains the following information:

  • Section Two contains the Planning Process;
  • Section Three contains the Community Profiles;
  • Section Four contains the Hazard Identification;
  • Section Five contains the Hazard Profiles;
  • Section Six contains the Vulnerability Assessment;
  • Section Seven contains the Capability Assessment;
  • Section Eight contains the Mitigation Strategy;
  • Section Nine contains the Mitigation Action Plan; and
  • Section Ten contains the Plan Maintenance.

We welcome your questions or comments and can be reached by contacting the Randolph County Planning Department.

Download the Davidson Randolph Regional Hazard Mitigation Plan (PDF) (approximately 29 megabytes in size).

The Hazard Mitigation Plan opens in Adobe® Acrobat format, which requires Acrobat Reader. Visit the Adobe website at to download current version.