Precinct Officials

How to Become a Precinct Official

The Randolph County Board of Elections always needs capable precinct election officials. If you have questions about becoming an election official, please call 336-318-6900.


Four or more precinct officials staff each of the county's 22 polling places on Election Day in every Randolph County election. During Municipal Elections only 11 of our precincts are open. Precinct officials perform many duties, including setting up supplies and voting equipment, assisting voters, verifying voter registration, issuing ballots and assisting curbside voters. Precinct officials receive compensation for working on Election Day and for attending all required pre-election meetings and training sessions.


  • You must live in Randolph County
  • You must be a registered voter in Randolph County
  • You must be able to read and write
  • You must not be an elected official in any federal, state or local government
  • You must not be a candidate for nomination or election
  • You must not hold any office in a political party or political organization
  • You must not be a manager or a treasurer for any candidate or political party
  • You must not serve at the same polling place as a spouse, child, spouse of a child, sister or brother


  • You must provide your own transportation to and from the polling place
  • You must be prepared to work all day on Election Day (6 am to 8:30 pm or later)
  • You must be prepared to help set up supplies and equipment at the polling place the evening before the election
  • You must attend all required training sessions

Required Training

All precinct officials are required to attend training sessions conducted by the Board of Elections prior to any election. The training classes cover specific issues related to the upcoming election. Workers will receive compensation for attending training classes.

Special Instructions

  • Wear comfortable clothing and dress in layers for optimum comfort to account for varying polling place temperatures
  • Campaign buttons, political jewelry and political slogan T-shirts are NOT permitted
  • Discussion of politics is not permitted while working at the polls
  • Arrange for enough food and drink for the entire day
  • Smoking is not permitted in the voting enclosure or on the grounds of most polling places
  • After arriving at the polling place, precinct officials are not permitted to leave until all supplies are packed after the polls are closed