Public Works


To protect the environment through safe and efficient solid waste disposal, solid waste reduction and other disposal methods for all types of solid waste and to develop safe, comfortable and efficient facilities for all County departments, State and Courthouse agencies through quality construction management services and improvement of the quality of life for all citizens.

We work to accomplish our mission through effective and efficient delivery of the following services: 1) solid waste disposal, 2) recyclable collection and marketing, 3) convenience site operations, and 4) environmental education for citizens and employees of Randolph County and. We also strive to provide inventive solutions for the inherent problems that arise from construction and management of County facilities, as well as provide engineering services for utility systems and grant administration for various projects for the County, Economical Development Corporation and its local municipalities. The Public Works Department continues to strive to work with the industries, schools and the citizens of Randolph County to find the most effective way to provide water and/or sewer through the use of Federal and State grants while encouraging economic growth for the entire county.


The Public Works Department Engineering Division is responsible for the review and approval of all plans and specifications and monitoring of new construction projects for Randolph County. This includes preparation of cost estimates, supervision of the letting of all contracts for design and construction, the inspection and acceptance of all work and materials used in construction or renovation.

The Engineering division of Public Works has also been working very closely with the Board of Commissioners to develop an aggressive 10-year strategic countywide water plan for Randolph County. This plan will provide improved economic development opportunities, solutions to groundwater concerns, and drought management issues.

Illegal Littering

The environment and pollution affects the quality of life of all of us and is of global concern. The Randolph County Public Works Department provides services to protect our environment from illegal littering through the operation of three Convenience Sites and the opportunity for any Randolph County citizen to report illegal litter activity.

Once the Solid Waste Inspector has received a report of illegal litter activity, he will visually inspect the site and hopefully will find a means of tracing the person responsible. The person responsible will then be contacted to clean up and correct any damage caused by improper disposal in accordance with North Carolina State laws. If the person doing the illegal littering cannot be found, either the property owner, the Department of Transportation or the County, cleans the site.

Recycling Information

The Public Works Department maintains Recycling / Convenience sites throughout the county collecting residential recyclable materials that are voluntarily delivered by the citizens of Randolph County. These sites contain labeled collection bins.

RecycleEducation is key to raising awareness and producing environmentally conscious children and adults. The Public Works Department promotes recycling, reducing and reusing in programs presented in the Randolph County Schools and other civic groups upon request. For further information you may call 336-318-6605.

Recycle Sites Open Daily

  • North Carolina Zoo
    • African Overflow Parking Lot
    • Zoo Parkway