Fraud - Program Integrity

The Program Integrity staff, also known as the Fraud Investigators, are devoted to ensuring that payments in the income maintenance programs are accurate and that fraud, waste, and/or program abuse are identified and prevented. The role of the fraud investigator is to: discover, pursue, and prevent fraud; seek reimbursement for over issuance or overpayments, provide a deterrent to future fraud, and maintain program integrity. The Program Integrity staff investigates any suspected intentional program violations as well as inadvertent household errors, or agency errors, in all economic services such as Food and Nutrition Services, Medicaid, Work First Family Assistance, Child Care Subsidy Assistance, and Energy Assistance.

To report fraud, please call our Fraud Prevention Hotline at 336-683-8198.

When reporting fraud, you do not need to leave your name or telephone number.

Because of confidentiality rules, our Fraud Investigator will not be able to report back to you regarding any action taken as a result of your call.

Your information should include the following:

  • Who committed the fraud? (Include name, social security number (SSN), date of birth (DOB), Address, Phone number)
  • What exactly did the person do?
  • Where did the fraud take place?
  • When did the fraud happen?
  • How was the fraud committed?
  • Do you know why the person committed the Fraud?
  • Who else knows about the potential violation? (Name, phone number)