Citizen Well Check

The Randolph County Sheriff's Office Citizen Well-Check provides a way for seniors and individuals with medical issues, to verify their well being. 

How does the program work?

Citizens who participate in this FREE program are automatically checked on by phone five days a week.  An automated call with a prerecorded message or a live call will be made at the same time each day.  For the automated call, you will hear a message and it will ask for a confirmation by pressing a key.  If you can’t answer the telephone immediately,  another call will be made shortly. If they do not respond to the second call,  a third call will be made soon after. If the citizen did not answer at this time and designated a contact person on the application, a call will be made to that person and the Sheriff's Office will dispatch a deputy to the member's residence to determine if he or she is okay.

What if I know I'm not going to be at home?  Citizens have an opportunity to call the Sheriff's Office at 336-318-6689 to "check-out" for the day if they will not be at home when the call is made.

Additional Information

You can call the Randolph County Sheriff's Office Crime Prevention Division Director of Community Outreach Programs Dep. Tammy Brady  743-238-8387 or by email.

Participant comments:

"Wonderful program.  I'm glad people care enough about seniors to check on them.  I also appreciate the coordination with JDRC to help with some chores I was unable to accomplish."  -AS

"Program is great!  Takes worries away." -MW

"I am alone and the program makes me feel more secure and like I do exist, and that someone cares." -PF

"Excellent program.  I wouldn't change a thing." -RP

"Appreciate this program." - ES

"Program covers all the bases between people calling to check and automated calls when a live call isn't possible.  Felt safe knowing someone would be checking on me." - BA

"So glad this program exists. Gives me peace of mind if something were to happen." - RM