Environmental Health

Environmental Health Services

Environmental Health consists of two service areas; Food & Lodging, and On-site Wastewater & Wells.

Food & Lodging 

Food & Lodging services includes inspection of facilities according to law;  posting inspection grade cards for public view; assurance that facilities are being constructed to meet North Carolina sanitation guidelines; investigation of complaints and foodborne illness outbreaks; the provision of food sanitation and safety education for food handlers; and the provision of environmental investigations to determine the source of lead exposure in children reported to have elevated blood lead levels.

For more information see the Food & Lodging Program Brochure (PDF) and the links below.

Randolph County Sanitation Grades

Food Service Establishment Rules

On-Site Wastewater & Well Program

This service area permits private well construction, regulates well repair and abandonment, and inspects newly constructed wells.

For more information see the On-site Wastewater and Well Program Brochure (PDF) and On-site Wastewater and Well Program webpage.

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