Detention Center

Detention Center Entrance

The Randolph County Detention Center is a 195 bed facility serving all of Randolph County's Law Enforcement Agencies. Both males and females are incarcerated at this facility from age 16 and up.

A jail expansion was approved to address inmate overcrowding and the ultimate need for additional, individual cells to better manage the inmate population. The expansion was completed under the direction of current Sheriff Greg Seabolt and the Randolph County Board of Commissioners. The expansion will increase the inmate capacity to 422, increasing the facility to 101,091 square foot.

The current inmate population has been moved to the new housing units. After that transition, renovations will begin on the existing housing units to address safety and security issues. Renovations will subsequently be made to the existing kitchen, laundry facility and booking/intake area to accommodate a larger inmate population. The renovations are expected to be completed within 18 months.


  • Closed for visitations due to Covid 
  • online visitation through iWebvisit (PDF)
  • Visitation is currently held Monday through Friday, 7 pm to 8 pm
  • Visitors must be on the inmates requested visitation sheet and have a valid State Issued photo ID (minors excluded) or a valid United States Passport

The schedule for visitation is:

  • Monday: POD D
  • Tuesday: POD EB, EC and Female Booking
  • Wednesday: POD G
  • Thursday: POD F
  • Friday: POD Male Booking
  • Saturday: POD EA and H 1:30 pm - 2:30 pm


Only properly labeled, prescribed medication will be accepted by the jail staff on behalf of anyone housed at the Randolph County Detention Center.


If you wish to provide money to someone currently incarcerated, mail a money order in the persons' name to the Detention Center's address. In addition to accepting money orders via U.S. Mail - Randolph County detention center now offers commissary through Kimble's Food by Design. Money may be deposited into inmates' accounts via a website called JailATM or the automated Kiosk in the jail lobby. The kiosk accepts cash, credit/debit payments. Kimble's will collect a fee of $3 per cash transaction, or a 10% deposit transaction fee with a $3.25 minimum for each credit/debit card transaction. The kiosk is available for use 24 / 7.

JailATM allows money to be added to the inmates account with the use of a debit / credit card via the internet.


People booked into the Randolph County Detention Center have access to payphones managed by Paytel Communications from 10 am to 10 pm. No incoming calls are permitted. If you have problems receiving calls from the Detention Center, contact Paytel at 800-729-8355.