Special Operations

Vice and Narcotics

This unit is made up of a group of highly trained individuals who are dedicated to getting illegal narcotics off the streets of Randolph County and in turn, saving lives. These deputies spend countless nights and weekends away from their families to make this county a safer place to raise our children. The roles of these undercover deputies isn't glamorous as seen on television; it takes them to the darkest recesses of our county and routinely exposes them to imminent danger. Vice cases require a huge amount of dedication and patience, as well as a special ability to deal with individuals who are addicted to drugs or those who have made the drug trade a highly profitable business.

The mission of the Vice / Narcotics Unit is to conduct the complex investigations necessary to identify and eliminate the suppliers that control the flow of drugs into our neighborhoods. They spend time collecting, archiving and distributing narcotics-related intelligence for successful investigations and prosecutions while working closely with the Patrol and Criminal Investigations divisions to address other street level drug sales that can have a devastating impact on crime and quality of life in our neighborhoods. They also maintain liaisons with city, state, federal, international, and other county agencies in order to conduct investigations into related crimes. Vice/ Narcotics detectives play a key role in assisting prosecuting attorneys who prepare successful narcotics cases for court.

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CIT Vice Seizure

Criminal Interdiction Team

In 2008, the Criminal Interdiction Team was restructured into two teams with specialized training to conduct high volume traffic stops looking for criminal activity; the Highway Criminal Interdiction Team and the Urban Interdiction Team (formerly known as the "Breaking and Entering" Taskforce). While the Highway Criminal Interdiction team focuses on traffic on major interstates the Urban Interdiction Team remains embedded in the community and works closely with neighborhoods and victims of property crimes to target suspects.

Patrol Car Traffic Violation Stop

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K9 Unit

In 2019, a comprehensive canine program was devised to provide dual purpose dogs for each patrol team and the Criminal Interdiction - Urban Team; a drug dog for the schools, the Vice Unit and Criminal Interdiction - Interstate Team.

Dual purpose canines are trained in drug detection, tracking, article search and criminal apprehension. All of the canines must meet training requirements throughout the year and also have to be re-certified in their expertise annually. Our Canine Handlers must formally train with their canine partners a minimum of 8 hours mandatory training per week; some of that training is conducted in-house and some with other agencies. Our Canine Handlers are deputies who volunteer to take on the additional duty of training and caring for our canine officers. Canine Handlers are on-call to respond for service.

To request a demo email Sgt. Russell Hogan.

For additional information: https://randolphcountysheriffsoffice.wordpress.com/2020/08/19/getting-to-know-the-rcso-canine-program



The Randolph County Sheriff’s Office Disaster Assistance Response Team, referred to as DART, is a group of sworn deputies from various different divisions of the Sheriff’s Office that each bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the team and they VOLUNTEER to serve on the team. Team members have training and experience in search and rescue, man-tracking, land navigation, emergency first-aid, and many other areas of specialized training that have prepared them to help, serve and protect the citizens of Randolph County in disaster assistance. Randolph County Sheriff’s Office is one of only three law enforcement agencies in North Carolina to have sworn officers with this level of training, formally certified and prepared to provide disaster relief and assistance to Randolph County, as well as other areas of the state or country upon request. 

For more information: https://randolphcountysheriffsoffice.wordpress.com/2020/08/20/getting-to-know-the-rcso-disaster-assistance-response-team/ 



The Randolph County Sheriff’s Office Emergency Response Team (SERT) originated in the early nineteen eighties under Sheriff Robert Mason. The concept of constructing a specialized response team to assist on high risk incidents became a necessity in the late seventies and early eighties after deputies faced multiple shoot-outs involving hundreds of rounds being fired.

Sheriff Mason decided that it was time to evolve and put forth the plans to create a team equipped with specialty training, equipment, firearms, and vehicles. While this would be a work in progress, many considered the team elite and longed for the opportunity to join.

The team was strategically assembled with proactive, fearless deputies, who devoted their own personal time to training and other team functions. These principles remain true in regards to the current team. The Randolph County Sheriff’s Office Emergency Response Team is completely voluntary; allocating its most advantageous benefits to team members in the form of great training, specialized equipment, and being accepted into the “SERT Family.”   

For more information: https://randolphcountysheriffsoffice.wordpress.com/2020/10/12/getting-to-know-the-rcso-sheriffs-emergency-response-team-sert/




Motor Unit

The Randolph County Sheriff’s Office Motor Unit started in 2007 under the leadership of Sheriff Maynard Reid.  The Harley Davidson Electra Glide Police motorcycles were purchased using Asset Forfeiture Funds, otherwise commonly referred to as drug money.  Currently, the Motor Unit consists of five sworn deputies who rotate escorting events throughout the year.  These deputy volunteers participate mostly on the weekends and holidays, using the motorcycles to escort motorcades across Randolph and sometimes into neighboring counties.  The Motor Unit assists with various events throughout the year; requests include escorts for events that help raise money for local charities.  The majority of the events attended each year are motorcycle rides, but they also assist with bicycle and tractor rides, funeral escorts and holiday parades. In addition, the Motor Unit often attends local community and school events for educational purposes. The Motor Unit’s primary job is to help escort motoring events safely throughout a planned route from one destination to another.   Events are escorted by a minimum of two riders; one leads the event as the second rider speeds ahead to block intersections, ensuring the event can safely proceed. 

If you are interested in having the motor unit escort an event, please contact Cpl. Blackmon at 336-318-6674, at least two weeks prior to the event to allow for planning and pre-ride.

For more information: https://randolphcountysheriffsoffice.wordpress.com/2020/10/26/getting-to-know-the-rcso-motor-unit/