North Carolina Wetland Reserve Program

The NC Wetlands Restoration Program (NCWRP) is an innovative, non-regulatory program established by the NC General Assembly in 1996 to restore wetlands, streams and streamside (riparian) areas throughout the state. The goals of the NCWRP are:

  • To protect and improve water quality through restoration of wetland, stream and riparian area functions and values lost through historic, current and future impacts.
  • To achieve a net increase in wetland acreage, functions and values in all of North Carolina's major river basins.
  • To Promote a comprehensive approach for the protection of natural resources.
  • To provide a consistent approach to address compensatory mitigation requirements associated with wetland, stream, and buffer regulations, and to increase the ecological effectiveness of compensatory mitigation projects.

For more information please visit the NRCS website.