Randolph County Quilt Trail

The Randolph County Quilt Trail showcases the heritage of farm families in rural Randolph County.  This was made possible through the partnership of the following agencies: The Piedmont Conservation Council, Natural Resources Conservation Service, Randolph County Quilters Guild and Randolph County Soil and Water. 

Twenty-nine farms have installed quilt squares on their barns. Several of the barns on the trail are over one hundred years old. Each quilt square is different, and many have a special meaning, representing family history or tradition. Visitors are encouraged to stop and take photographs from the roadside. Several farms may also offer seasonal produce or other goods for sale. The Quilt Trail is a self-guided tour. While touring the Quilt Trail, please be considerate of private property.

Helpful Links:

Quilt Trail Interactive Map

Quilt Trail Brochure