Classroom Programs



Our kindergarten programs focus on environmental changes by having students observe and participate in water pollution and erosion demonstrations.

1st Grade

The lessons designed for first grade are all about moving around and using their hands.  Lessons cover topics about NC Wildlife species, their habitats and exploring soil.

2nd Grade

Lessons have a focus on life cycles of various animals, such as frogs, turtles and worms.

3rd Grade

Learn more about our third grade lessons that include learning about the properties of soil and how water quality supports plant growth.

4th Grade

Students will ROCK this lesson about the rock cycle or use their artistic abilities to create a new species of bird with many adaptations.  The enviroscape model will also demonstrate how humans impact their drinking water quality. 

5th Grade

Let's take a virtual field trip to the Albemarle-Pamlico Estuarine System and learn about the different habitats and animals that live there.


6th Grade

Students can make the connection between plowing and the dust bowl through a demonstration.  There are lessons on topics such as water quality, soil properties and non-renewable resources as well.

7th Grade

Rain, rain go away! Students will practice mapping by looking at rainfall averages, land use and NC wildlife to make connections about how our weather impacts where animals live and where different plants grow.

8th grade

Let's go mining for non-renewable resources through a competitive game.  Topics also covered include a virtual field trip to a estuarine system, enviroscape, water quality demonstration, watershed basics and how habitats impact populations of wildlife.


Topics covered are various soil lessons, water filter challenge, and amazing grazing.

Other Lessons Offered



Inflatable Soil Tunnel

Mobile Classroom