Veterans Treatment Court

Randolph County is home to over 8,000 veterans, nearly 6% of the county’s population.  The National Institute on Drug Abuse reports that one in ten veterans in the US has been diagnosed with a substance use disorder often occurring as a result of time serving our country.  Impacted by critical issues like substance use, pain, suicide risk, trauma, and homelessness, our veterans face serious hardships that, without intervention, can lead to chronic health conditions, incarceration, suicide, and death. 

The Randolph County Veterans Treatment Court (VTC)  is a voluntary (VOLUNTARILY entered into by the veteran), 16-24 month court-supervised, intensive treatment program for U.S. Military Veterans and active duty military members charged with felony or misdemeanor nonviolent criminal offenses who have substance use dependence and/or mental health illnesses. The District Attorney’s Office will assess potential participants to place on a specialized criminal court docket. The court substitutes a problem-solving model focused on treatment. 

Successful completion of the program means the charges are reduced or dropped as agreed upon in the court order.

  1. Veterans Treatment Court

  2. Laura Pate

    Veterans Treatment Court Coordinator

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  • Honorable, general (under honorable), general (under other than honorable, bad conduct discharge).
  • At least 1 day of active service after boot camp OR be eligible for disability and/or health care benefits from the VA.
  • Class H/I felony or lower or can plea down to a H/I felony or lower 
  • Other stipulations as deemed appropriate by Judge/DA.

This project is being supported, in whole or in part, by federal award number 5PBJA-23-GG-05262-VTCX awarded to Randolph County by the Office of Justice Programs Bureau of Justice Assistance.