Citizen Well-Check Program

If you are, or know, a senior living alone in Randolph County, you need to know about the Citizen Well-Check Program.

How does the program work?

Seniors who participate in this FREE program are automatically checked on by phone three days a week. An automated call with a prerecorded message will be made at the same time each day. You will hear a message and it will ask for a confirmation by pressing a key. If you can’t answer the telephone immediately, the computer will redial your number in an hour. If you do not respond to the second call, it will wait another hour and call again. If you do not answer at this time, a call will be made to the person you designate as a contact person. If the contact cannot be reached, the Sheriff’s Office will dispatch a deputy to the Member’s residence to determine if he or she is okay.

What if I know I’m not going to be at home?

Citizens have an opportunity to call the Sheriff’s Office at 336-318-6698 to “check-out” for the day if they will not be at home when the call is made.

Program Criteria:

1. Be homebound and live alone in Randolph County.

2. Have a next-of-kin, relative, neighbor or friend available as a responsible party.

Additional Information:

You can call the Randolph County Sheriff’s Office Crime Prevention Division Director of Community Outreach Programs Sgt. Jamie Brown

at 336-318-6780 or 336-736-9300. Email:




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