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Area 3 Envirothon

Annually RSWCD sponsors teams to compete in the Area 3 Regional Envirothon in early spring (usually in March or April).  The competition is open to Middle and High school students – Grades 5-12.  The Envirothon is a multidisciplinary, environmental problem- solving program culminating in an annual series of competitions. Teams of five (5) high school students and teams of five (5) middle school students train and compete in the following areas:  Soils, Aquatics (Water Quality), Wildlife, Forestry and Current Environmental Issues. 

The Envirothon Objectives are to test the environmental knowledge and understanding of middle and high school students of state resource issues and to cultivate within students in middle and high schools across the state, a desire to learn more about their natural world. 

Teams must compete in the AREA competition and place within the top seven in order to compete at the STATE level. 

The Area 3 Envirothon will be held in March of each year at Elon University.  


Please email Jenny Parks  email  for more information. 

State Wide Envirothon 
National Canon Envirothon 

Mission Statement:  To develop knowledgeable, skilled and dedicated citizens who are willing to work towards achieving and maintaining a natural balance between the quality of life and the quality of the environment.


Various Workshops

We can perform workshops on most environmental issues for grades K-12, local organizations, college classes, civic groups, etc., etc.  We prefer at least a one-month notice, but we may be able to work with special situations.

Resource Conservation Workshop

Annually the Randolph SWCD sponsors one Sophomore, Junior or Senior to participate in the Resource Conservation Workshop.  This workshop is held in Raleigh on the campus of North Carolina State University usually the last week in June each year.  Students who have demonstrated advanced maturity and an interest in natural resource conservation are encouraged to apply.  High school graduates are NOT eligible to participate in the Resource Conservation Workshop.  The Randolph SWCD Board of Supervisors will choose the participant and will pay for the costs.

This week of intensive study requiring student attention and participation in a wide range of conservation topics.  


Other Activities

  • Sammy Soil Saver Puppet Show
  • Puppet shows geared towards kindergarten, first and second grade students.  This puppet show will introduce the children to the fact that conserving soil and water is an important program in which they themselves can become involved.
  • Enviroscape
  • Tabletop hands on demonstration that shows the origin of both point and nonpoint sources of water pollution and watershed works.
  • Staff is available for demonstrations at instructor’s requests.
  • If you are interested in any of the mentioned educational activities, please email Jenny Parks  email  or call (336) 318-6490 between 8:00 am and 5:00 pm.  

    If you leave a message, please leave your name, phone number, and school name or organization. 

    Thank You for your interest.