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Paper Copy of Digital Photography

Product Description Price
8.5x11 Ortho Sheet Digital images (photography) taken February, 2014.  Will show structures, property boundary lines, tree lines, utility lines, etc.  $5.00
11x17 Ortho Sheet $7.00
30x42 Ortho Sheet $15.00


Paper Property Line Map

Product Description Price
8.5x11 Map  Property line map of single property is available in 8.5x11 and 11x17 size.  30x42 size shows multiple properties.   $1.00
11x17 Map $2.000
30x42 Map $4.00


Paper Map of Township or Fire District

Product Description Price
Township Map   30x42 size shows multiple properties and township or fire district lines.                
Fire District Map $10.00


Property Record Cards

Product Description Price
Residential  or Commercial Card  Printed on Tax Department Property Card.  Some properties may require multiple cards.  Price shown is per card. $0.75/card