Emergency Services


760 New Century Drive
Asheboro, NC 27203




Link: Emergency Services page

Non-Emergency After Hours Phone: 336-318-6924

Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Ashburn, Dr. Nick Deputy Medical Director    
Byrd, Jared Deputy Chief 336-318-6913  
Davis, Donovan Chief 336-318-6943  
Gibbs, Dana Sergeant / EMS Medical Records & Guest Services 336-318-6911  
Reeder, Kate Lieutenant / Office Manager 336-318-6999  
Stopyra, Dr. Jason Medical Director    

Ambulance Billing: EMS|MC, Inc. 


Link: EMS Billing

9-1-1 Communications 
Link: 9-1-1 Communications page

Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Fox, Ethan Lieutenant (C) 336-318-6924  
King, Alan Major 336-318-6891  
Thomas, Mitch Lieutenant (D) 336-318-6924  
Bailey, Jamie Captain 336-318-6924  
Kendrick, Farron Lieutenant (B) 336-318-6924  

Emergency Management 
Link: Emergency Management page

Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
McCorquodale, Christie Major 336-318-6944  
Grady, Evan Captain 336-318-6978  

Link: EMS page

Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Beck, Bradley Major 336-318-6921  
Beech, Raphael Lieutenant (A) 336-318-6986  
Clark, Mary Lieutenant (D) 336-318-6973  
Cooper, Bradley Captain 336-318-6945  
Hicks Jr., Larry Lieutenant / Logistics Coordinator 336-318-6897  
Hunter, Ryan Lieutenant (B) 336-318-6988  
Lee, Corey Lieutenant / Education & Compliance 336-318-6958  
Staley, Steven Lieutenant (C) 336-318-6987  
Gilmore, Ashley Sergeant / Morgue Manager 336-318-6896  
Pate, Crystal Sergeant / Paramedic Academy 336-318-6983  

Fire Marshal's Office 
Link: Fire Inspections page

Office Hours

Monday through Friday
8:00 am to 5:00 pm

Fire Permit and Inspection Fee Schedule 2023 (PDF)

Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Beard, Erik Major / Fire Marshal 336-318-6946  
Hill, Nick Fire Inspector III 336-318-6968  
Hinson, Lee Captain / Deputy Fire Marshal 336-318-6917  
Needham, Bernard Fire Inspector III 336-318-6918  
Pittman, Michael Lieutenant / Fire Plans Examiner 336-318-6916  



Link: Morgue page

Additional Phone: 336-318-6924

The morgue is not open to the public and visitation is not permitted.

Technical Services 
Link: Technical Services page

Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Buxton, Justine Major 336-318-6912  
Gonzalez, Luis Lieutenant 336-318-6908  
Spencer, Tyler Sergeant (336) 318-6351