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1512 N Fayetteville Street
Asheboro, NC 27203


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Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Benford, Cheryl Work First/Emergency Assistance/Subsidized Child Care Assistance Supervisor 336-683-8009  
Brown, Walker Social Work Program Administrator Child Protection / Family Services 336-683-8196  
Butler, Jaynetta Assistant Director of Child Welfare 336-683-8265  
Cummings, Melody Social Work Program Administrator Child Placement / Adult Services 336.683.8015  
Davis, Libby CIP / LIEAP Supervisor 336-683-8059  
Emerson, Wendie Adult Protective Services Supervisor 336-683-8028  
Enoch, Jekeitha DSS Volunteer Services 336-683-8133  
Evans, Jennifer Child Protective Services Investigations / Assessments 336-683-8101  
Frazier, Jennifer Food & Nutrition Supervisor 336-683-8134  
Goodman, Jamie Adult Home Care Specialist 336-683-8216  
Hinshaw, Michelle Income Maintenance Administrator DMA Programs 336-683-8105  
Jenks, Hope Adoption Services Supervisor 336-683-8036  
Kay, Chrystal Attorney 336-683-8000  
Martin, Misty Income Maintenance Administrator DSS Programs 336-683-8109  
Medlin, Kayla Foster Home Licensing 336-683-8038  
Murphy, Tracie Director 336-683-8042  
Parks, Julie Long Term Care / Special Assistance Supervisor 336-683-8091  
Rincon, Yesenia Administrative Support Unit Supervisor 336-683-8021  
Skelly, Patrick Computer Systems Administrator 336-683-8136  
Smith, Conor Attorney 336-683-8000  
Thomas, Heather Assistant Director of Economic Services and Business Officer 336-683-8029  
Tompkins, Michelle Family & Child Medicaid Supervisor / Health Choice for Children Supervisor 336-683-8080  
Trotter, Julie Adult Medicaid Supervisor 336-683-8086  

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1512 N Fayetteville St
Asheboro, NC 27203

Asheboro, NC 27203