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GIS Data

Selected Geographic Data Layers my be downloaded as .zip files that contain ESRI shapefile data. 

This data only includes a limited amount of parcel information.  Detailed parcel information would have to be obtained through Randolph County’s Tax Department.


GIS Data Layer

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Electoral and Census    
2010 Census Tracts  censtrk.htm
Voter Precincts  voteprec.htm
Tax Property Data    
Lot Lines lotlines.htm 
Parcels  parcels.htm 
Subdivisions   subdiv.htm
Tax Districts    
City Limits cities.htm
County Boundary cntyline.htm
Tax Fire Districts firedist.htm
Tax School Districts schdist.htm
Addressing and Transportation    
Postal Districts postdist.htm
Road Centerlines roads.htm
Hydrology streams.htm
Watersheds watershed.htm
Zoning zoning.htm


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NC Parcel Boundaries Download - includes site address, landuse and last billing values