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To develop and carry out programs for the conservation, protection and development of soil, water and related plant and animal resources within Randolph County. The mission is accomplished by cooperating with the USDA-Natural Resources Conservation Services in working hand in hand with the American people to conserve natural resources on private lands.

Conservation assistance includes providing planning assistance, application assistance, practice-system maintenance and follow-up, administrative assistance, and communications and relations to employees, partners, stakeholders and private landowners in the community. There are 3 allocated positions for this department.

Board Meetings

The Randolph Soil and Water Conservation District Board meet once every month on the third Thursday at 8:00 a.m.

Board Members

Craig Frazier - Chairman of the Board
2051 Lake Lucas Road
Sophia, NC  27350
Home:  336.625.8703 

Bill Alston - Vice-Chairman of the Board
Home:  336.434.4303

Shane Whitaker - Treasurer

Craig Macon - Secretary

Matt Canoy - Member


GEO Data

Randolph County Geology

Randolph County is located in the Carolina Slate Belt.  The Web link presents the Carolina Slate Belt broken down into Metamorphic and Intrusive Rocks.
Visit the NC Geological Survey page.

Randolph County Topographical Map 

Farming Statistics of Randolph County

The Statistics are provided by the USDA.

New Farmer Help



Visit our Federal and State Programs page for details.


Staff Members


  • Jenny Parks - Department Head/Administrative Secretary/Education Coordinator  
  • Randy Freeman -Soil & Water Engineer   email
  • Kaitlyn Johnson - Environmental Specialist   email
  • USDA/NRCS   Randy Blackwood -District Conservationist   email Randy Blackwood 

Upcoming Events

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EQIP       Year Round
SWCA     Year Round
FIP          Year Round
WHIP      Year Round


  Ag-Cost Share Program              Year Round


Visit Educational page for Educational program dates.

What We Do

What does the Randolph Soil & Water Conservation District do?

Soil & Water Conservation Districts are political subdivisions of state government.  There are 96 of them in North Carolina, covering the state’s 100 counties.  They approve soil and water conservation plans, identify and plan local resource conservation work and coordinate the conservation efforts of federal and state agencies within the district. 

The districts work closely with the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) and the Division of Soil and Water Conservation in the North Carolina Department of Environment and Natural Resources.  NRCS provides soil conservation specialists to help landowners and land users.  The division provides financial, technical and administrative support to the districts.  Technical assistance can be provided to the landowner in varying capacities based on his/her needs. 

The district also provides educational services for schools, civic groups, and any organization.  If you have any questions regarding what our office is capable of, please call us at: 336.318.6490.