How do I post my address?

The Randolph County Unified Development Ordinance contains the address posting standards for structures in the County zoning jurisdiction.

  1. No building shall be erected on a lot that does not have access, directly or by an easement, to a road whether publicly or privately maintained.
  2. Numeral indicating the address number of a single-family dwelling shall be at least four inches in height, of a contracting color to the structure, and shall be posted to be legible from the street.
  3. Numerals for multiple dwelling units and nonresidential buildings shall be at least six inches in height, of a contracting color to the structure, and shall be posted to be legible from the street. 
  4. Only number shall be used in posting addresses. (e.g., 125 instead of One Hundred Twenty-five.)
  5. All buildings shall display an address number.
  6. The official address number must be displayed on the front of the building or at the entrance to a building and the numbers must be visible from the street during both day and night.
  7. If the building is seventy-five feet or more from a public street or the building is landscaped such that numbers cannot be seen from the street, the assigned address shall also be posted at the end of the driveway or easement nearest the road which provides access to the building.
  8. After the issuance of a building permit, the assigned address shall be posted on the property in a manner that is visible from the street. The final Certificate of Compliance shall not be issued until the address numbers are posted according to the regulations.
  9. The owner or occupant will ensure that the address numbers are posted in compliance with the regulations. Address numbers shall not be obstructed from view by shrubs or vegetation as viewed from the street.

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