Why do I have to post my address?

Posting an address is essential to responders locating you in an emergency when time is important and it's the law in Randolph County.

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1. I just bought a piece of property and it does not have an address. How do I get an address?
2. Why does the County assign addresses? I thought the post office gave addresses.
3. Why do I have to post my address?
4. How do I post my address?
5. I use a post office box for my mail. Do I have to switch to getting my mail at my residence?
6. There is no way that my address is right! My next-door neighbor is 4311 and I’m 4331. How is that right?
7. Will my address change again?
8. I am not going to post my address! I'm not going to change my address!
9. Who do I contact if I have other questions or concerns?